Egg Nog and Bourbon Pudding

Egg Nog and Bourbon Pudding

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A creamy pudding made with egg nog instead of milk. And Bourbon!MORE+LESS-

ByThe Food in My Beard

Updated October 21, 2014


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    Mix the dry ingredients in a pot and put it on low heat.

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    Whisk in the egg nog and cook for about 10 minutes whisking occasionally until it coats the back of a spoon. Remove from heat and stir in bourbon.

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    Pour into serving cups, cover, and chill until thickened.

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    Sprinkle with nutmeg before serving.

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Eggnog Recipe

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Eggnog is a rich and creamy holiday drink made with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and bourbon. It’s EASY to make and the perfect treat to serve on Christmas eve!

We love the holidays and we’re enjoying this Hot Toddy snuggled up with some Bread Pudding and Award Winning Gingerbread Cookies.

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Made this recipe using Cinnabon bread (no raisins in our house). I would not change a thing—it was wonderful! Thank you so much. We’ll be having this again!

Made the Bread Pudding for the first time. Very easy preparation. Instead of using cinnamon bread, I used day old extra crusty loaves (type used for roast beef sandwiches). I did add cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg . Instead of raisins, Sun-Maid's Mixed Dried Fruit (dried Apricots, Apples, and Plums). The dried fruit I chopped up. I do agree the 2 hour refrigeration time is necessary and so is the addition of boiling water in another baking pan. The bread pudding has the right texture and the Bourbon Sauce is quite the accompaniment to this easy dessert. Thank you for sharing this recipe and I do appreciate all of the others who gave their reviews too. I definitely will be making this Bread Pudding again.

Everyone loved this, even the Brits who have the highest expectations for bread pudding. I used Pepperidge Farm cinnamon raisin bread, subbed rum for bourbon and soaked the raisins in rum. I made it ahead of time, popped it in the oven as we sat down to dinner and it was done and warm for dessert. So good, so easy to make. Do it.

I made this dessert for a New Year's Eve party, and used cinnamon swirl brioche-based bread from my local bakery, and added a cup of raisins that I had soaked in rum (the raisins were a tad dry, which is what I get when I buy too-big bags at Costco!). I followed the recipe exactly otherwise. For the bourbon sauce, I used a very good bourbon and, as another reader had suggested, added some grated orange rind. I thought the sauce would be bland, but paired with the bread pudding, it was simply divine. I served vanilla ice cream alongside. This recipe doubles quite nicely.

Excellent. Everyone loved it, specially the bourbon sauce. I used Pepperidge Farm cinnamon raisin bread. Let the bread soak in the mixture overnight. Water bath is a must when making this bread pudding.

The water bath retains the moisture of the bread pudding. Be sure to use raisin bread with sufficient cinnamon or add a bit of your own (we like a little more intensity.) The bourbon sauce is lovely but I suggest doubling or tripling it as it does not make a large volume. Easy to make and well received by those around my table.

Amazing delicious and amazingly simple. I used Pepperidge Farm cinnamon raisin bread and skipped the water bath. Raves from everyone!

You just can't imagine how good this is. I quadrupled the recipe for a large party, and made it in 2 13 x 9" pans. I soaked the bread/egg mixture overnight (you can't beat the raisin challah bread) and baked it during dinner. As good as the pudding is - you can't skip the bourbon sauce. It truly is the icing on this cake!!

I made this after having an incredible bread pudding at a local Italian restaurant and it almost measured up to theirs! I used regular cinnamon-raisin bread and it came out great. Used the leftover caramel sauce on ice cream for a week!

Like others, I find this wonderful recipe works best with challah raisin bread. I also add cinnammon and nutmeg to taste. Fresh vanilla also provides an additional zing. And, oh, that sauce!! Great favorite for the holidays and just about anytime when there's a seasonal crackle of cool air.

This was a fabulous recipe. I took it to a Mardi Gras party and everyone raved, (great coming from s bunch of New Orleans folks) I used Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls without the icing and baked them a couple of days before. I soaked 1/4 cup of flame raisins in about 1/4 cup of Makers Mark bourbon for two days and added them with the toasted pecans. I did add another 2 eggs 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup cream as there was more than 4 cups of bread.

So I made this over the weekend, only I did it in individual deep-dish pizza pans. I didn't toast the bread in the oven, I let my bread dry out for a couple days. I also let the bread soak in the mixture overnight. I ended up adding 1/2 cup cream poured over the top of each one so the pudding was not dry and then I covered it with caramel sauce after it came out of the oven. I would make this again anytime.

We made this tonight. As with others reviesers, I used challah bread and raisins instead of raisin bread. I cooked it almost 10 minutes less than specified so it was a bit gooey like rice pudding, but it was delicious. We also added another tbs. of the bourbon to the sauce-- yum!

I am a Banquet Cook in a Big Hotel, and we had a Cajun party, I used this Recipe, but I Quadrippeled the Recipe. Great revies from the Guests, Note, I used Old Crosants and "Texas" toast.

I make this recipe every year for our Kentucky Derby party. I use challah instead of the raisin bread and I double the bourbon sauce because it is EXCELLENT on ice cream later in the week. My friend who swears she hates bread pudding asks for this one every year. One of my favorite recipes.

This delicious dessert is even better when the raisins are soaked in bourbon or brandy before being added to the dish. Personally, I like to use a little less bread so that the custard stands out a bit, and I skip the sauce and use haagen dazs vanilla bean ice cream as a fabulous topper on the hot pudding. Having made this dish at least 6 times, it may be time for me to go on a diet!

I must have done something wrong - I've had better bread puddings than this - maybe I overcooked it? It was too dense, but it did have good flavor.

The bourbon sauce is like crack for foodies. Soooo good!

A definite keeper. I thought it came out kind of thin in the 8x8 pan, so I doubled the recipe (and doubled the sugar as previously reviewed, so 1c sugar in the doubled recipe) and used a 9x13 pan. I use 1 1/2 loaves of Pepperidge farm Cinnamon Raisin Swirl..it's the perfect amount. The pudding bakes to the top of the pan in about the same time, allowing for big, moist squares for serving. Of course, you have to double the bourbon sauce as well. I have made this numerous times and always get raves.

This recipe was a big hit at a dinner party I went to. It even reheated well. We just warmed up the pudding at about 300 for 7-10 minutes and the sauce was ready in no time. The only changes that I made to the recipe were a tsp of orange flavoring and an extra 3 tbsp of bourbon to the sauce. The orange really added a nice accent to the dish and the bourbon made it even better! Wonderful!

This was outstanding! I I used regular challah bread and added raisins and cinnamon. Served it with vanilla ice cream. My guests raved that it was the best bread pudding theyɽ ever had!

Ok. I made half recipe. I didn't have any old bread, so I baked frozen French bread instead. Chopped it in cubes and left it to dry inside the oven (it was off, but still warm). Since the bread had no cinnamon I added it to the custard + a little nutmeg and I used about double the sugar too. Since I used Irish Whiskey for the sauce I pre-soaked some raisins in it. I poured the custard over the cubed bread and pressed it with plastic film. Then I left something with a little weight over it to keep pressing to soak the bread, and left it in the fridge for over an hour. At the end I added the toasted pecans and the "happy" raisins. Didn't waste the soaking liquid. I sprinkled it over, and the leftover Iɽ pour over the sauce. Check my comments on the Sauce (It came out delicious ) Voila' :)

I made this dish using challah bread (one loaf) instead of the raisin bread and it was DELICIOUS. Such a decadent dessert - everyone loved it - even my best friend on a perpetual diet couldn't resist having seconds. I took another reviewers advice and doubled the bourbon sauce recipe. Good call. This is a keeper!

Choose Your Alcohol Wisely

The three most common boozy eggnog mix-ins are brandy, rum, and bourbon. Is one necessarily better than the others? Absolutely not. It all depends on the drinker’s taste. However, there are a few things to consider when making your seasonal purchase at the liquor store:

Brandy: Makes the Most Traditional Eggnog

For the most traditional holiday experience, reach for brandy (specifically Cognac) to spike your ‘nog.

It’s important to note, though, that both brandy and eggnog are quite sweet. Combining them will produce something that someone with a sweet tooth will love, but that others may find cloying. Proceed with caution.

Rum: Blends Seamlessly, Keeping the Eggnog Flavor Intact

Fun fact: Brandy and wine from overseas were heavily taxed in the 18th century, so Americans took to spiking their eggnog with rum.

While they did it out of necessity, it seems they were onto something—rum’s flavor blends seamlessly into the egg-based concoction, preserving the wholesome holiday flavor.

Bourbon: Eggnog With a Kick

If you’re looking for a spiked drink that packs a punch, bourbon’s your guy.

Eggnog drinkers from the American South are likely used to the flavorful addition, but people who aren’t expecting the strong kick might be a bit taken aback.

Get the Ratio Right

According to our friends at Coastal Living, the perfect alcohol-to-eggnog ratio is 1:5 (1 part spirit, 5 parts eggnog).

If you buy a 1-quart container of eggnog, add 6.5 ounces of liquor. It’s really that simple.

More Eggnog-Spiking Tips

  • Don’t waste your expensive bottles. Remember, you’re using this alcohol as a mixer—save your pricier liquors to enjoy on their own.
  • Know your audience. We know, we know—we just said that 1:5 is the perfect ratio. But it’s important to know the preferences of the people you’re serving. Some people can handle more liquor, while others will prefer less. Use your best judgment.
  • Make the store-bought stuff look homemade with fancy garnishes. A sprinkle of nutmeg and an orange peel should do the trick.

I have many recipes in my own personal cookbook but none that I’ve shared until now. My blog has always been for my writing but I realize that it should be about all areas of my life, food being a big part of that.

Food is one of the necessities of life and therefore something that unites us as a common interest. Tonight on one of the most divisive evenings in history, election night, it seems we could use a bit of unity.

So without further adieu, I give you a new recipe I tried tonight as a way of working through the anxiety I am surely not alone in feeling. May we look at life like this bread pudding— something sweet, something to be savored, and something we can all gather around the table to celebrate.


Optional: dark chocolate chips

(If using almond milk do 1.5 cup heavy creme, .5 cup almond milk)

For bread pudding:

Cube the bread and put into a shallow baking dish. 9࡯ should work For a full loaf

Whisk eggs, egg nog, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla together. Put half the bread in the dish and cover with half the mixture. Repeat with the other half of the bread and mixture.

Optional: add dark chocolate chips to your liking

For Creme Anglaise:

While baking heat heavy creme and milk in a sauce pan on low heat.

While heating, in a separate mixing bowl whisk egg yolks and sugar together until combined.

Slowly mix in the heated milk until pale yellow. Make sure it is warm and not hot so you don’t cook the eggs.

Once completely mixed, transfer back into sauce pan. Mix in cinnamon and continue to stir and heat on low to medium until the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.

Watch the video: Eierlikör Pudding Thermomix TM5TM6 (June 2022).