Bake trout on a bed of vegetables

Bake trout on a bed of vegetables

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Preparation: cut the vegetables into rounds and season and add the oil. We place them in a heat-resistant dish.

Then place the trout over the vegetables. Previously I cut them (I take a beautiful shape then in the oven) and I made them with salt and pepper, over them I sprinkled a few strands of flowers of salt and green tarragon. I don't know if you've ever tasted green tarragon trout, it's a wonderful flavor…. I advise you to try it once.

I left them in the oven for 30 minutes, theoretically a smaller fish is made in 10-15 minutes, but they both asked to be made and browned. I didn't put water or anything over the vegetables, if the temperature in the oven is not very high and you go on 190-210 degrees starting from the high temperature and gradually decreasing, they do very well and so on.

I served the fish with a rice garnish, surrounded by vegetables. It was absolutely delicious, tender and with very little fat which I say better highlighted the taste of the fish and vegetables. I was in a hurry and my rice collapsed a bit, it looked good anyway and the taste was just right.