Three-ingredient Ovenless Cake

Three-ingredient Ovenless Cake

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  1. biscuit cookies 500 gr.
  2. boiled condensed milk 450-500 gr.
  3. walnuts 200 gr.
  • Main ingredients


blender, bowl, spoon, cake mold, cling film


1) Nuts must be crushed in a blender until fine crumbs are formed. You can pre-fry them in a dry pan, it will be even tastier!

2) I also crush cookies into crumbs, but not into “flour”, so that small pieces can be seen. Cookies should be taken like a zoological one, like mine, or Napoleon, Maria, which you like.

3) In a bowl I combine chopped cookies, nuts and boiled condensed milk. Boiled condensed milk can be replaced with a regular, not boiled, but then, it may need a little more or less. Mix well, turning into a homogeneous mass. It is convenient to do this by hand, since the mass is quite dense.

4) I cover the form in which I will form the cake with cling film, pre-lubricate the mold with vegetable oil so that the film sticks better. I compact the mass well with the bottom of the glass. I cover with cling film and send in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours to cool. The size of my uniform is 12/11 cm.

5) You can decorate as you wish. I sprinkled cocoa and decorated it with berries of viburnum. The cake is cut perfectly, does not crumble, the pieces are smooth and beautiful. Tasty, rich taste of condensed milk with walnuts and cookies. Very tasty and incredibly simple!