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Milkshake with ice cream and strawberries

Milkshake with ice cream and strawberries

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Ingredients for making a milkshake with ice cream and strawberries.

  1. Fresh strawberries 70 grams
  2. Ice cream ice cream 3 tablespoons
  3. Milk 1 cup
  4. Icing sugar 20 grams
  • Main ingredientsStrawberry, Milk, Sugar
  • Serving 2 servings


Blender, knife, serving glass, straw.


Step 1: wash my strawberries.

Rinse strawberries with cold water and pat dry. Be sure to try the berries, and if they are sour, only in this case you will need to add sugar to the cocktail.

After washing, cut the green ponytails from the berries.

Cut the strawberries into small pieces and pour into a blender bowl.

Step 2: add milk and ice cream to the strawberries.

Pour milk into the strawberries (you can take any fat content, but the higher it is, the more airy a cocktail will turn out), add ice cream and sugar.

Step 3: whip everything in a blender.

Beat the cocktail in a blender until many small bubbles appear on the surface. Let the whole strawberry grind well. The fluid should become homogeneous.

Step 4: serve a milkshake with ice cream and strawberries.

Serve the milkshake with ice cream and strawberries to the table immediately after preparation. Pour it into tall glasses, insert a straw, garnish with halves of berries and / or whipped cream and enjoy the excellent taste of the drink.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Sugar can be replaced with honey or fructose.

- The proportions of the ingredients are optional.