Chicken strips and interesting dip sauce

Chicken strips and interesting dip sauce

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Chicken strips

  1. Chicken fillet 800 g
  2. Wheat flour 100 g
  3. Corn flour 50 g
  4. Starch 30 g
  5. Paprika 2 tsp
  6. Black pepper 0.5 tsp
  7. Salt 1 tsp.
  8. Vegetable oil to taste

Dip sauce

  1. Yogurt 150 g
  2. Cucumbers 1 pc.
  3. Mustard with grains 1 tsp.
  4. Soy sauce 2 tbsp. l
  5. Parsley, dill in 1 bunch
  • Main ingredients: Chicken, Flour, Greens


knife, cauldron, blender, stewpan


Chicken fillet cut into pieces.

Prepare a breading of wheat flour, cornmeal, salt, paprika, starch and black pepper. Mix all the ingredients.

Chicken pieces roll well in breading.

Pour oil into a cauldron (deep fryer). Heat and gradually fry all the meat until golden brown. Spread the finished strips on a napkin to remove excess oil.

Prepare the products for the sauce.

Put parsley, dill, cucumber, yogurt, soy sauce and mustard in a blender bowl. To grind.

Serve the sauce with strips. Enjoy your meal. How I cook chicken strips and dip sauce, see the video. THANKS.