Cherry syrup for the winter

Cherry syrup for the winter

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Ingredients for making cherries in syrup for the winter

  1. Cherry 1 kg
  2. Sugar 500 grams
  • Main ingredients: Cherry, Sugar


Cans, deep plate, soup ladle, oven.


Step 1: wash the cherries.

Rinse the cherry, sort it out, tear off the branches with leaves, and then take out the seeds from each berry. Have to tinker, but the result is worth it.
After cleaning, rinse the berries in cold boiled water, and then pour boiling water over it and dry it.

Step 2: sugar the cherries.

Pour prepared cherries on a plate, sprinkling layers of berries with sugar.

Leave the berries on 7-9 hoursto make juice stand out from them under the influence of sugar. Mixed with sugar, the juice will become a natural cherry syrup.

Step 3: pasteurize jars with blanks.

Be sure to prepare the jars in advance by sterilizing them, and the lids too.
Put the cherries in sterile and warmed cans, generously pouring it with syrup, cover with lids and put in the oven. Pasteurize blanks when 85 degrees. Half liter cans over 10 minutesand liter - 15 minutes.
Then roll up or tighten the lids and cool the jars of cherry in syrup.

Step 4: serve the cherries in syrup.

Cherry, prepared in syrup, can be served just like that for tea, or you can prepare various dishes from it, then your imagination will tell you already.
Enjoy your meal!