How to salt red fish for the holidays

How to salt red fish for the holidays

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  1. Fresh salmon 850 g
  2. Salt 2 tbsp. l
  3. Sugar 1 tbsp. l
  • Main Ingredients: Salmon, Sugar


knife, storage container,


If a piece of fish is large or you do not want to eat it right away, then divide it into two parts.
Mix salt with sugar and coat the fish well with this mixture, from all sides.
Fold in a container and refrigerate.
After 12 hours, drain the liquid from the container (if one has formed), turn the fish over and send it back to the cold.
After another 12 hours, dry the finished fish with paper towels.
The fish that you intend to eat within 3 days, store in paper, in the refrigerator. Wrap the rest in plastic wrap and freeze.
Store up to six months in the freezer.
And I tease you. A piece of such a fish, but on a black bread, and with a little onion ... mmm ... Bon appetit.
How to salt salmon correctly, see the short video. THANKS.