Low potatoes with meatballs

Low potatoes with meatballs

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  • 8 not very big potatoes
  • 50 ml oil
  • vegta
  • pepper
  • green parsley
  • 500 gr minced pork
  • 2 eggs
  • delicate, pepper,
  • garlic
  • biscuit
  • oil for frying

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Low potatoes with meatballs:

  1. In a saucepan put 50 ml of oil and peeled potatoes and cut into four then thin slices.

  2. Add vegeta, pepper and water but do not pass over them.

  3. Put them on low heat and stir slowly so they don't stick. You can put a lid on them.

  4. When cooked, add chopped parsley.


  6. Put the minced meat in a bowl and add over it eggs, delicate to taste, pepper, garlic (also put as much as you want, I like the garlic to feel good, so I put about 6 puppies :) and breadcrumbs (4-6 lg)

  7. Mix them well and form balls that you fry in a pan with hot oil.

French fries recipe

Baked potatoes simple recipe Baked potatoes simple recipe. French fries in the pan, sprinkled with only about 20 ml of oil, [] Classic recipe mashed potatoes Classic recipe mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes, almost commonplace, can sometimes give you headaches. May [French fries 22 recipes: French fries, golden and crispy, French fries, French fries, French fries with egg and cheese, Potatoes. My account My cookbook. Please send me a recipe for chicken and turkey salami Answer this question Do you dream of perfect french fries, golden and crispy on the outside, but tender and creamy on the inside? We understand you, who doesn't want them? Normally, if you fry potatoes in a classic way, either they come out very soft, which is ok, if you like, or they come out crispy both on the surface and in depth. How to make the tastiest french fries, all the secrets . How to make the tastiest french fries? Don't worry, Madame Bradea also woke up to come up with a french fries recipe! Why not with a recipe for tea, scrambled eggs or hot water? Booon. Eggs eggs I gave you the recipe, even 2 recipes: eggs eggs in sour cream and eggs laid

French Fries French fries recipe

  • Baked potatoes, with only 1 tablespoon of oil, much healthier. If yesterday I gave you the recipe for French fries with all the secrets, today I come with a recipe without fries and fat, French fries in the oven, with only 1 tablespoon of oil, much healthier. This is for those who want a healthier food without fried foods
  • RECIPE WRITTEN HERE: https://retetelemihaelei.com/potatoes-fries-cooky-and-delicious-as-fast-food / I present to you recipe video of potatoes Well fries, croca ..
  • The basic recipe is made only with raw potatoes grated on a large grater and fried in a pan with a little hot oil. Of course there are variations on the theme, rösti can be ennobled with various grated cheeses, pieces of ham or even beaten eggs
  • simona_c2014_1_2_3_4, 14/03/2015. The Americans eat something like that, of course with fried bacon! Corina Chiriac had come with quick recipes full of fries from there. with dill, pepper, NOT PARSLEY. -that we do not make stew. Fat at appreciation (butter, oil-2-3 tablespoons) and at.
  • soak in boiling water before greasing them with oil. 3. Season them with the mixture of salt, garlic powder, paprika and chili, if you prefer baked potatoes a little faster. 4
  • Culinary recipe French fries with garlic from the categories Appetizers, Foods with vegetables, Fasting recipes, Vegetarian recipes. How to make French fries with garlic

French fries - 22 recipes - Petitche

  1. Potato recipes: New potatoes with salmon and sour cream sauce Tortilla with green peppers and marinated tomatoes Lazy meatballs with baked potatoes Chicken with green onion vinaigrette and baked potatoes with telemea 1,830 recipes, 37,320 comments and 54,077 votes
  2. For an easier version of mashed potatoes, you can give up french fries and replace them with boiled potatoes. Boil them in their skins, wait for them to cool, peel them and cut them into slices. You will get a less caloric dish, but just as tasty. To be honest, I make mashed potatoes with mashed potatoes more often, also to get one.
  3. Culinary recipe New potatoes, fried from the category Foods with vegetables and greens. How to make new, fried potatoes
  4. adriana 8 years ago - 5 March 2010 13:05. Re: Peasant potatoes. Hi girls. I make this recipe differently. that is, boil the potatoes after they have cooled, peel them and put them on the large grater. In a frying pan, heat 2-3 onions, depending on the size, to make them golden, then put the grated potatoes and mix to incorporate the onion. Add salt and pepper to taste or if you cook with vegeta, put it.
  5. united

The secret to the best french fries - Practical recipes

  1. The recipe for smoked peasant potatoes is one that I really like. The truth is, I love potatoes. I have loved it since I was a child and I admit that fried foods are my favorites. Because I don't cook them very often, I try to find other ways to prepare potatoes
  2. united by good Read more
  3. The big day has arrived, in which I show you the best recipe for making french fries! Who wants to try. I kissed you! www.bensound.co

The best sauces for french fries Date of publication: Thursday 16 January 2014, 00:08 From mayonnaise to ketchup, from tzatziki to aioli, you have a lot of more and more tempting variations Last week, when I showed you the recipe for rolls with cheese cooked on my new Philips Airfryer, I was telling you that the first thing I did when I took the apartment out of the box was to make french fries, because this was, in my mind, the ultimate test for a device like Airfryer, which frys without oil and fat. turned out very good, much better than those. Fried chicken liver served with french fries and donuts in vinegar, the tastiest and fastest chicken steak, a hearty food cooked in authentic Romanian style impossible not to like. How to make fried chicken livers follow my simple recipe, the following ingredients are enough for 2-3 servings of liver with french fries.

The fish bread recipe with french fries is so simple to make that I am convinced that you will introduce it in your menu. I love any fried dish, I admit, from snacks to donuts, but unfortunately we can not afford to eat them as often as we would like If you liked our recipe Sweet potatoes fried with garlic do not forget to make a review. See also other recipes from the category Potato dishes. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Recommendations for you and your home. Crockpot Express - 20%. 999.99 lei

French fries are one of the most common dishes in the kitchen. And yet, they don't always come out the same, especially when they're made by someone else. Either too hard or more cooked than crispy, french fries need a little more attention than they are given, in a hurry to cook the fastest garnish. Find out how to make the best french fries at home and. baked potatoes recipes: search results for baked potatoes recipes. Bucataras.ro: baked potato recipes Crispy french fries ingredients: 1 kg potatoes 1 teaspoon salt 500 ml oil water How to prepare potatoes like at Mc Donald's: I. Peel the potatoes and then wash them well in cold water. Make straws, try them all of the same thickness, then put them in cold water and let the starch come out well for about 10-15 minutes. II Recipe Baked French fries was proposed by Anomiss on the forum culinar.ro Other recipes with potatoes can be found here: Transylvanian potatoes, Baked potatoes, Rantaliti potatoes. Try Pogacele with potatoes. If you liked our recipe French fries in the oven, don't forget to review it

How to make the tastiest french fries - Recipes with

Do you crave french fries, but the buttons on your pants warn you that they will give up if you give in to this guilty pleasure? Ignore the warnings and quickly prepare a healthy, but just as delicious snack: baked sweet potatoes. Seasoned french fries and garnished with green parsley. French fries - is the most famous garnish, which we certainly find in all restaurants and fast food. Of course everyone knows how to fry potatoes, but with this recipe you will make some delicious french fries.

3. Remove the tray from the oven and place a single layer of potatoes on the bottom. Sprinkle with thyme, rosemary and garlic cloves. 4. Sprinkle with plenty of olive oil then season with salt and pepper. Turn from side to side so that they are well soaked in oil and spices. 5 They are my favorite potatoes since I was at home or the student came home quite rarely, my mother always made them for me for breakfast (so that the baby would taste good :). In the first period, I didn't manage to make them exactly like my mother's, but slowly I found out the secrets and forgot that now I also put the method on the site. They are not classic french fries, they are like steamed potatoes and a little browned french fries recipe. My passion for cooking is recent and is the result of facing my own demons. Over time, I avoided trying more complex recipes at the level of some french fries. Then, at a time when we were looking for solutions to restore balance in personal life, even if they were not in the area. French fries: how to make them. French fries recipe. How to fry potatoes at the restaurant twice. What type of potatoes and oil do we use for potatoes? How good were they? But now I armed myself with the recipe and started bravely, without deviating from it. I made it with boiled potatoes, which I cleaned, cut into thin slices and then boiled, but which you can boil in the shell first, wait for it to cool and only then to sliced

I hope you liked today's recipe - Baked sweet potatoes - and that it will become, as I told you at the beginning, one of the go to recipes in today's kitchen and especially that I piqued your curiosity about sweet potatoes, which I hope to from now on you will always be on the list when I ask you what else you have in the fridge. Strawberries fried in an oil bath are high in calories and unhealthy. We can still enjoy the taste of french fries by preparing them in the oven, without oil. Duck legs with french fries and seasonal salads - the dish is ready to serve. The dish is served with a pumpkin and / or eggplant salad, fried in olive oil / grilled. The salad can be prepared in advance and served cold. I saw this recipe on a Russian culinary forum, I can't say that I liked the presentation picture, but a list of 49 forum pages only had pictures and praise.

Baked potatoes with just 1 tablespoon of oil, a lot

So, I guarantee you that recipe our of potatoes French in the oven is 100% tested, improved to the maximum and delicious and, ATTENTION: it creates addiction !. If you want not to fail with it, we advise you to use exactly the ingredients that we also use, because we tried all sorts of options and with these ingredients we hit the French fries recipe. French fries are prepared just before serving. Wash, peel, wash again and dry in a napkin, then cut, as desired, thin slices or quarters, and quarters into eighths (halves), also lengthwise

Cooking recipes: French fries - appetizer recipes French fries are served next to a steak, or a chicken schnitzel, etc. vegetable food, vegetable recipe, vegetable pots, fasting food, vegetable stew 4. Baked sweet potatoes. Of course, I couldn't help but include in this list a classic and tasty recipe: sweet french fries! However, these sweet potatoes are very healthy because they are not fried in a pan or oil bath, but are baked. Recipe French Fries from the Cookbook, Garnishes. Specific Romania. How to Make French Fries. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button! I agree that my personal data will be stored and used to receive news and commercial offers Hi, Potatoes look appetizing, I'll tell you my recipe, potatoes cleaned and cut into large pieces -wedges, separately I boil water in a bowl, when the water boils I put potatoes only for 5-8 minutes, then drain and put salt, paprika, rosemary and olive oil on them, mix everything well and put in the tray on baking paper, when the potatoes catch the crust, remove the tray and return to.

Crispy and delicious fries like fast food

Peasant potatoes is a simple, quick and tasty recipe. A recipe that you should not miss and after trying it you will repeat it! The little ones love potatoes prepared this way. Peasant potatoes is a very simple recipe that you can serve as such or as a side dish. Use a quality paprika, and if you like the hot one, add to taste to have some potatoes. Potato meatballs recipe: Appetizer or main course, potato meatballs are a healthy option for the main meal of the day. Along with a fresh salad or grilled vegetables or rice, meatballs can be eaten by the whole family. what comes to mind are the french fries. Potatoes are, indeed, handy and easy to prepare. oil-free french fries 1. Calories. If a large serving (170 grams / 6 oz) of oil-fried potatoes reaches 531 calories, of which 18% is saturated fat, the same portion of healthy straw potatoes has only 156 calories.

Rösti recipe for roasted potatoes Savori Urban

  • Sandwich recipe with salami, french fries and cabbage from the cookbook, appetizers. Specific Romania. How to make Sandwich with salami, french fries and cabbage. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button! I agree that my personal data will be stored and used to receive news and.
  • Straw fries are the best known way to prepare potatoes. Whether they are served as a main course or a garnish for many people, it is always a pleasure to eat a portion of french fries.
  • If you are bored of french fries (hmmm, hard to imagine maybe just under the pressure of the number of calories they contain: P) or mashed potatoes as a garnish, and with other vegetables (like broccoli, green beans , asparagus, etc.) you are not very friendly, then you should try this recipe
  • Crispy and tasty french fries like you've never eaten before, not even at fast food are so good! Golden and particularly fragrant french fries. Golden and particularly fragrant french fries. There are no classic fried potatoes and no potato croquettes, it is a recipe for french fries between the two recipes

French fries with egg and cheese, Petitche recipe

Margherita french fries - are absolutely delicious. 5 Add the potatoes. Add the potatoes one at a time, using a spatula. It is very important not to crush the potatoes in the pot. The more distance they have between them, the better they will fry. If your quantity of potatoes is too large, fry them in batches. 6 Remove. 1, 200 kg peeled potatoes, 2 pieces red onion, 300 gr kaiser (smoked), 4 cloves garlic, 4 tablespoons oil, 1/2 bunch parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Preparation Peasant potatoes. The diced potatoes are boiled in water with a little salt for about 20 minutes. The potatoes must remain whole after boiling. You need potatoes, which you cut into straws. According to the filming, it seems that a trick is to put the chopped potatoes in cold water (with ice cubes) with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. french fries. yogurt. recipe Fasting recipe: Potato soup. The ideal garnish: fried pumpkin ready in 15 minutes! Baked fondant potatoes: the simple recipe for a dish that melts in your mouth. Peasant potatoes: Prepare in 3 steps! Potato pudding. Delicious and good-looking: Pork steak with potatoes French fries - recipe II. Preparation time: approx. 30 minutes. Ingredients: 6-8 potatoes a teaspoon of salt 500 ml of oil Preparation French fries: Boil the potatoes in their skins, then drain the potatoes, clean them and let them cool. Cut the right slices and fry the potatoes in hot oil on both sides. Drain the potatoes.

French fries are delicious, for perfect results it is good to use medium-sized pink potatoes. Ingredient. 10-12 large potatoes 175 ml oil Fasting recipe: potato mayonnaise. Even if it is fasting, it does not mean that we have to give up small pleasures. We can replace them with vegetable ingredients for delicious snacks! Here's how to prepare fasting mayonnaise from potatoes! [..] Read more French fries A portion of french fries served in a cone or a hot plate of golden potatoes, sprinkled with cheese can be the ideal snack on vacation, when you take a short lunch break. Discover the best destinations to eat french fries in the city. Ingredients: 1 kg potatoes hot fat salt Preparation: Fry the potatoes in butter or hot fat. In butter we can fry both raw and boiled potatoes and then peeled. Boiled potatoes, peeled, however, are crushed and fried, thus losing their shape.

A tasty, quick and easy to prepare recipe is the following french fries recipe. The recipe is prepared in two ways but both are equally good and undeniable, with french fries directly in the pan or boiled potatoes before and then added to pan over fried onions. You should try both options and then choose your favorite recipe. Dodo's potatoes, the best french fries recipe, the man's decalogue, the potato decalogue, the restaurant garnish, easy cooking, ketchup, the french fries menu, the french fries recipe. Probably one of the best french fries recipes. Using the sugar solution the potatoes will not absorb as much fat and will become crispier. This recipe for potato curry contains chickpeas, onions, garlic, ginger, diced tomatoes, coconut milk, curry powder, bell peppers, cayenne peppers. , cumin, vegetable soup and a little lemon juice. If this combination will not save you from the cold, I don't know what else the French fries recipe will be able to do. Ingredients: potatoes (1 kg), oil (200 ml) salt. Preparation: Peel the potatoes with a clean towel, cut them into thin slices and place them in an enameled tray. Fry in oil, adding a little salt to keep them whole while frying. The slices should not be placed on top of each other in the tray

Baked french fries - Practical recipes

Here is a filling recipe, suitable for lunch, with potatoes, peppers, cheese and egg. Pay attention to the portions, because it makes you fat. See here how it is prepared! 4. Potato Cream Soup Potato cream soup is healthy and nutritious, not at all difficult to prepare, and is very consistent. It is mixed with oil and spices for french fries or, more simply, with salt and pepper. In a heat-resistant bowl with baking paper, place the potatoes in a thin layer so that the potatoes do not overlap and put in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 20-25 minutes (until. Moussaka with french fries Number of servings: 0 Ingredients: 1 kg of potatoes, 0.5 kg of minced beef, 2-3 onions, tomato greens (parsley, dill) or tomato paste or broth, salt and pepper to taste, Preparation: Cook the onion in a little oil, add the meat and cook well, then add salt, pepper and let it.

Healthy baked french fries, fast food for the whole family. The simplest recipe for healthy french fries in the oven, you can try it too if you don't want to worry anymore, related to health and figure. You can find a lot of recipes according to which you can make french fries healthier. Healthy baked french fries You've probably wondered many times how you can get the best french fries you can eat at any time of the day, just like McDonald's. In the rows below, we present you the most useful tips to obtain the ideal, crispy and tasty french fries. Take a spoonful of the composition, roll it in flour and form rounds. For the French fries polenta, I made a soft polenta from 300ml of water, salt and 100g of corn flour. I poured it into a ceramic tray (metal also works) which I previously greased with a little olive oil, pressing with a spoon to make a flat shape, about 1-2 cm thick.

Recipe French fries with garlic - tasty

  • ute, season with spicy sauce (or tomato broth) and add salt to taste. French fries are served as a garnish. Meat and potatoes can be sprinkled with dill or green parsley.
  • New french fries with butter and dill is the simplest and easiest recipe for new french fries with soft core and crispy peel, very tasty and flavorful. It is a cheap recipe for garnish, but these potatoes can be eaten simple, with a green salad.

Potato recipes

Peasant potatoes, a simple and tasty recipe that needs no introduction. Vinegar donuts, without boiling I have the recipe for donuts without boiling vinegar from an aunt and for years this is the only way to put donuts French fries recipes. Are you looking for a french fries recipe that won't affect your health? Browse these french fries recipes and learn how to prepare them in various ways so that they are tasty and healthy! Type of food + Appetizers (237) Drinks (59) Soups (61). French fries are the favorite of many. And mine, I have to admit! That is why today I propose to prepare french fries, but not so simple, but together with two other very tasty ingredients: mushrooms and garlic. So, let's make French fries with mushrooms and garlic. Buy Digital Hot Air Fryer XL Steba HF 5000, 1800 W, 5.2 liters, Thermostat 80 - 200 ° C, 7 programs: french fries, fish, seafood, beef, pork, chicken, oil free from eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, benefit from the promotions of the day, opening the package upon delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back Recipe Boiled New Potatoes in Peel and Fry in the Oven from Cookbook, Garnishes. Specific Romania. How to Make New Boiled Potatoes in the Peel and Fry in the Oven. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button! I agree that my personal data will be stored and used for receipt.

The best french fries: Preparation: It is best to cut the potatoes into one-centimeter-thick slices, on the stick type, to come out exactly like in a restaurant. Then place the potatoes in a bowl of cold water for 20 minutes to get rid of excess starch. Posts labeled French fries are displayed. View all posts. Posts tagged French fries are displayed. French fries. French fries recipe. Ingredient: 1 kg. potatoes, 200 gr. lard, salt. Preparation: Peel the potatoes, wipe with a clean towel, cut into thin slices and place in an enameled tray. Fry in fat, skipping a little to keep them whole while frying. French fries in the oven - simple recipe. French fries, a simple but tasty and extremely versatile dish. The basic recipe for French potatoes contains potatoes, boiled eggs and cream but there are various variations and variations, many and delicious

A seasonal recipe, a quick recipe, enriched with the aroma of garlic and dill, new potatoes in a pot with dill and garlic will surely be to the liking of the whole family. Be sure to choose small, round potatoes, if you have the opportunity to take them from farmers not from the supermarket, the taste will be much better Potato recipe with potatoes at Crock Pot. Potato with mashed potatoes and minced meat at Multicooker 5in1 Digital Crock-Pot. A food very loved by Romanians, full and tasty! There are several types of moussaka: with potatoes (boiled, pureed, fried or raw), eggplant or pumpkin. You can use pork, beef or a mixture. There is also. Carbonara potatoes or rather potatoes with carbonara sauce, a delicacy that I would prepare every day. I could say the same thing about the recipe for chicken in carbonara sauce or carbonara pasta. I do not give up even when it comes It's a chicken roll with mushrooms wrapped in bacon, only some recipes have a holiday flavor and these carbonara potatoes are quick to prepare and are. Rosti - Swiss french fries - Video recipe May 04, 2017 Garnishes, Foods, Recipes 0 6 Rosti - Swiss french fries are very easy to prepare, faster than traditional french fries and not only are they spicier, but they are much healthier and tastier because they are fried in very little oil and are.

Veal with french fries: see how the recipe is prepared and what ingredients you need for this recipe. Follow the steps of the recipe: Roast veal with fries or a dish in itself, baked potatoes are a tasty alternative to the classic fries. Try them with meat urges the imagination to join a hot potato. See also the recipe for peasant potatoes with smoked sausages. Baked recipe Ingredients: 1 kilogram of potatoes (preferably tomatoes and new INGREDIENTS 5-6 potatoes rosemary olive oil paprika paprika PREPARATION I cut the potatoes - peeled and washed - and put them in a bowl I put the olive oil over them and the spices, I mixed well, I then put them on baking paper, in the pan, in the oven at 120 degrees for a [

Mashed potatoes with minced meat - video recipe

  • Baked french fries, the classic recipe for baked french fries, a fast food with less oil, so healthier. French fries are unfortunately a food that attracts many young people and not only and the version of french fries in oil is quite healthy and full of carbohydrates.
  • From time to time I feel the need for the taste of french fries. But, because I kind of avoid them and prefer them especially when new potatoes appear, I found a way to still enjoy their taste. It is not an invention of mine, but of a chef in a restaurant in Stockholm in 1760. Hence the original name of Hasselback potatoes, or as they are called here, accordion potatoes
  • . December 17, 2015. 4396 Views. If you like french fries but avoid eating them because you are afraid of the effect they have on your body, because they are fried in oil, find out that it is a way to make french fries without oil.
  • Mushroom Recipes Potato Recipes Cabbage Recipes Eggplant Recipes Artichoke Recipes Asparagus Recipes Spinach Recipes Other Vegetable Recipes. The pizza. Vegetarian Pizza Meat Pizza Fish Pizza. Flours and dishes with polenta. Puffs, Puddings, Egg and Cheese preparations. CAKE

French fries with spicy tomato sauce - a simple and tasty recipe. You will return to it at least once a week French fries with cabbage salad from: potatoes, oil, salt, garlic, cabbage, cumin. Ingredients: 1 kg potatoes 1 cup garlic oil chopped salt 1 sauerkraut ground cumin 2 tablespoons olive oil. Preparation: Peel the potatoes, cut them into slices, wash them, then cut them into thin sticks or rounds, wash them. Adrian Hădean cooks for doctors and the elderly alone. Adrian Hădean has created an online project called Clean Plates, in which he proposes recipes for those who follow him on the blog or on social networks, in order to make the time spent by Romanians in self-isolation more productive. The chef and his team also donated over 25,000 servings of food for. Microwave baked potatoes. You won't believe it, but this nutritious and delicious way of baked potatoes is done in the microwave in less than 12 minutes! A portion of microwave baked potatoes has few calories, provided you eat plain potatoes, with just a little salt and a little butter. If you add cheese and sour cream, a large baked potato. Ingredients for french fries: 1 kg of purple potatoes, 200 ml of oil, salt - to taste How to prepare french fries: Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into long, thumb-thick pieces and place them on paper napkins for 5-10 minutes to absorb water from them.

The weight in this simple recipe is that when frying the peppers sprinkle everywhere, no matter how well we wipe them off the water. That's why they are fried with a lid, and when we need to turn them over, we take them off the fire, first we wait for them not to sizzle and then we remove the lid, we turn them over and put them on the fire again to complete their frying. Some boil them superficially before, others fry them twice, others fry them without oil in the AirFryer, only with a hot air jet, others make them in the pan, in the oven Wow it's super good: D I'm only 14 years old, I'm left alone at home and I made french fries with a grilled cutlet (dinaceea pan with grill) and I didn't know what to eat potatoes with, and I was looking for a sauce, this recipe is delicious, I recommend it. Answer Delete Potatoes fries - It is the most famous garnish, which we definitely find in all restaurants and fast food. Of course, everyone knows how to fry potatoes, but with this

Video: Recipe New, fried potatoes

How to prepare oil-free french fries: I cleaned the potatoes, washed them and cut them into sticks, a thicker idea than for french fries. After cutting all the potatoes, I put them in a large bowl. Ingredient. 1.5 kg Potatoes. tomatoes. 1 piece Onion. average. 3 cloves Garlic. 50-70 ml Sunflower oil. 1 teaspoon Salt. to taste. 0.25 teaspoon ground black pepper. Method of preparation. Share OVEN FRIED POTATOES- If you like french fries the way I like them, this recipe is very welcome. Why? Because they're more ... dietetic, they don't fry. It takes something

Before frying the potatoes, it is recommended that they be drained and drained with a dry napkin. In acest fel ei se vor rumeni mai f.. Retete culinare » Cartofi prajiti - Retete culinare romanesti si internationale. Carte de bucate online, forum de discutii | Retete culinare traditionale Ne rezervam dreptul sa aprobam doar comentariile celor care folosesc un limbaj adecvat si fac referire la reteta prezentata Descopera aceasta reteta de cartofi prajiti care s-a raspindit rapid intre vecinii, rudele si prietenii mei. Toti au ridicat in slavi acesti cartofi prajiti care se apropie atat de mult de gustul clasic, ba sunt chiar mai buni si mai sanatosi! Atentie: poate crea dependenta! Cartofi prajiti la tava, cu sos de rosii Reteta aceasta de cartofi [ Cand ati ajuns la acest rezultat scoateti cartofii intr-un castron si puneti a doua transa la prajit (fara a mai pune ulei in tigaie - daca insa prajiti mai mult de 400 g de cartofi, luati-o de la capat cu incins ulei de jumatate de deget grosime in tigaie samd). Odata ce ati terminat de prajit cartofii, treaba a cam luat sfarsit . Aranjati-i.

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Pâine cu cartofi

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Astăzi vă povestesc despre pâine cu cartofi, o pâine țărănească, consistentă, numai bună de mâncat cu ceapă și păcătoasa slănină…


  • 620 gr de cartofi fierți
  • 650 gr făină
  • 25 gr drojdie proaspătă/7 gr uscată
  • 120 ml lapte călduț
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

După ce au fiert cartofii, se pun la scurs, apoi se zdrobesc ca pentru piure. În laptele călduț se dizolva drojdia(dacă este proaspătă, altfel se amestecă cu făina). Cartofii se amestecă cu făina, apoi se face o gaură în mijloc, acolo se pune drojdia dizolvată în lapte și uleiul. Se frământă bine, rezulta un aluat vâscos.
Eu grăbesc procesul de dospire, când mă apuc de treaba, pornesc cuptorul pe treapta mică, iar când termin de frământat pun aluatul în pungă, și punga pe o tava în cuptor (cu focul stins și ușa între deschisă, la început). Dacă nu vreți să o grăbiți, o lăsați la dospit într-un castron acoperit, la loc călduros.

Când s-a dospit, aluatul se răstoarnă pe blatul de lucru, pudrat cu făină, și se dă în doua. Fiecare jumătate se aplatizează, se pudrează cu făina și se rulează. Se pun direct în tava, pe hârtie de copt, se fac câteva crestături și se lasă din nou la dospit . Eu o pun tot in cuptor că acolo este ferita de curenți de aer, intre timp încing celălalt cuptor, la 190 gr, cu o oala cu apă fierbinte. Se coace cca 35 min. apoi se pune pe un grătar la răcit.

Chiftele cu cartofi la cuptor, pranz sau cina pentru intreaga familie

-400 g orice fel de carne tocata

-2 linguri de orez semifabricat

-100 g branza sau zascaval

-jumatate de lingurita de paprika

-sare, piper si alte condimente dupa gust.

Se toaca ceapa si se da morcovul pe razatoare. Se calesc timp de cateva minute.

Fierbeti orezul pe jumatate, cojiti cartofii si taiati-i felii.

Amestecati carnea tocata, orezul, ceapa si morcovul. Adaugati sare, piper si restul condimentelor si amestecati bine, scrie fabricatinromania.info.

Puneti felii de cartofi pe partea inferioara a formei si pe partile laterale. Faceti bile din carnea tocata si asezati-le intre felii de cartofi.

Turnati tot sosul format din apa, smantana, pasta de rosii, ulei vegetal si sare.

Se acopera cu folie si se da la cuptorul preincalzit la 190 grade C pentru 40 de minute.

Presarati cu branza rasa si dati pentru inca 10 minute la cuptor.

* The content of this article is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. For a correct diagnosis, we recommend that you consult a specialist.

25 de Retete Rapide cu Cartofi: Carte de Bucate Vegane Fara Gluten

In ziua de azi suntem toti incredibil de ocupati. Ziua are 24 de ore pentru toata lumea si daca nu stii sa gatesti rapid este o problema.

Dar nu toti ne-am nascuti invatati, nu?

In plus, unii dintre noi sunt intoleranti la gluten – ori au ales sa urmeze o dieta fara gluten si poate si fara ingrediente de frupt. Iata de ce aceasta colectie de retete culinare rapide si simple.

Am unit arome exotice, mediteraneene, si indigene intr-o perfecta balanta pentru a crea savori divine.

Mancaruri fara gluten si fara ingrediente de frupt, optime pentru cei care tin post ori sunt celiaci, dar nu numai. This one carte de bucate nepretentioase but incredibil de gustoase, se adreseaza fiecaruia dintre noi. Fa-o cadou celor dragi, in special celor care sunt vegani ori intoleranti la gluten. Iti vor fi recunoscatori. Iata ce vei gasi in aceste pagini delicioase
Sfaturi utile si practiceSfaturi pentru incepatoriBucate Fara Gluten Pentru Incepatori, Studenti si Persoane in CarieraRetete culinare simpleRetete pentru celiaciRetete rapideRetete de cartofi la cuptorRetete de cartofi prajiti cu urziciRetete de post cu cartofiRetete fara ingrediente de fruptRetete veganeRetete vegetarieneRetete de cartofi cu ciuperciChiftele din cartofi cu legumeRetete asiaticeRetete originaleIdei de meniuri pentru indragostiti
Pentru mai multe retete fara gluten, vegane si vegetariene, viziteaza:
Ai toate cartile de bucate din seria 41 de Retete Practice si Simple de Cristina G.?
41 de Rețete Dulci și Sărate de Sărbători41 de Rețete Practice și Simple de Borșuri41 de Rețete Dulci și Sărate de Post41 de Rețete Fără Gluten41 de Rețete de Chiftele, Omlete, și Aperitive Reci41 de Rețete de Clătite, Checuri, Prăjituri și Dulciuri Varie25 de Rețete Rapide din Cartofi – Bucate Vegane Fără Gluten pentru Începători25 de Rețete Rapide din Orez – Bucate Fără Gluten Pentru Începători
Esti interesat de Retetele Bunicii si de traditiile de odinioara?

Cristina G. a publicat cea mai mare colectie de retete autentice romanesti in 5 volume:
Rețetele Bunicii Învățate de la Mama – Volumul I – Sărate Rețetele Bunicii Învățate de la Mama – Volumul II – DulciRețetele Bunicii Învățate de la Mama – Volumul III – Prepară Porcul de IgnatRețetele Bunicii Învățate de la Mama – Volumul IVCele mai Populare Rețete ale Bunicii Învățate de la Mama – Volumul V

Chiftele vegetale în sos de roșii cu usturoi

Stiți chifteluțele vegetale de la IKEA? Cu ajutorul acestora și a unor ingrediente la îndemână în cămara erbivorului, am recreat chifteluțele cu sos de roșii și usturoi pe care le mâncam în copilarie!

Textura și gustul acestor chifteluțe este foarte similară cu cea a chiftelelor din carne de pasăre, doar că acum nu a fost sacrificată nicio vietate.

Sunt conștientă că aceste chifteluțe sunt accesibile doar celor care au IKEA în oraș (doar în București în cazul României), însă nu vă faceți griji! Mai există o alternativă foarte asemănătoare! Este vorba de chifteluțele vegetale, tot sub formă congelată, de la Naturli, un producator care distribuie produsele în marile supermarketuri din toată țara.

Dacă nu sunteți încă familiarizați cu produsele Naturli și vreți să aflați mai multe, am scris despre ele acum ceva timp așa că vă las linkul aici: Recenzie produse Naturli.

Noi le-am servit cu cous cous, care se pregatește extrem de rapid și ușor (o parte cous cous, o parte apă fierbinte + condimente), însă pot fi mâncate ca atare doar cu sos, sau și mai bine, cu un piure de cartofi și murături!

Pfff… mi-a lăsat gura apă (din nou!) numai cât v-am spus despre piure și murături…

Dacă totuși vreți să vă pregătiți în casă propriile chiftele, atunci vă las si rețeta mea de Chiftele din soia si cartofi.

Cartofi scazuti cu chiftele - Rețete

Fitt | Vegetarian, Vegan

500 g cartofi albi
250 g somon proaspăt
1 broccoli
100-150 g pesmet
4-6 linguri de Sos Samurai de la Univer
1 bunch of dill
2 eggs
Apă plată
100 ml smântână lichidă
1 lemon

Tăiem cartofii în cuburi mici, după care îi punem la fiert în apă cu sare până când devin moi. După ce s-au fiert, îi zdrobim într-un bol.

Somonul îl condimentăm cu sare și piper, după care îl gătim pentru 15 minute la 180 de grade în cuptor, într-o tavă tapetată cu hârtie de copt. Când este gata, îl lăsăm să se răcească, după care îl zdrobim puțin și îl amestecăm cu cartofii.

Adăugăm în compoziție și 100 de grame de pesmet, 4-6 linguri de Sos Samurai de la Univer, mărar tocat, după care formăm câteva bile pe care le dăm prin făină, ou bătut cu puțină apă plată, iar apoi pesmet. Prăjim chiftelele în baie de ulei (aprox. 180 de grade), după care putem servi cu un sos din smântână lichidă, mărar tocat și zeamă de lămâie. Pentru garnitură, am fiert puțin broccoli, dar puteți servi preparatul cu orice fel de legume fierte.

Videoul cu prepararea rețetei este accesibil pe pagina Media sau pe canalul de Youtube Univer.

Chiftele cu cartofi la cuptor sunt delicioase și se prepară ușor

• 400 g carne tocată amestec
• o ceapă
• 2 căței usturoi
• un ou
• 2 felii de pâine înmuiate în lapte rece
• făină pentru pudrat (opțional)
• sare și piper după gust
• Sosul
• 2 linguri mari de smântână
• 1 lingură mare kethcup
• 1/2 cană ml apă
• sare și piper
• 1/2 linguriță nucșoară proaspăt rasă
• Garnitura
• 800 grame cartofi mici

Toate ingredientele de la chiftele se trec prin mașină de tocat, se adaugă oul și se amestecă, se sărează se piperează după gust. Se lasă la rece pentru 30 minute.

Între timp curățăm cartofii. Ungem o tavă cu ulei, formăm chiftelutelele și le așezăm în tavă (cei care au doar carne de porc le pot pudra prin făină, pentru a nu se desface chifelele) împreună cu cartofii.

Dăm la cuptor pentru 15 minute la 200 grade.
Între timp pregătim sosul, amestacam toate ingredientele, radem nucșoară, potrivim de sare și piper, scoatem tava din cuptor, adăugăm sosul și dăm din nou la cuptor pentru 20 minute.

Se servește cu mărar tocat.

* The content of this article is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. For a correct diagnosis, we recommend that you consult a specialist.

Video: Μπιφτέκια Κοτόπουλο. Άκης Πετρετζίκης (June 2022).